Issue 90 Order Info and Errata

Issue 90

Issue 90, March 2022, has been delivered to subscribers. You can back order the issue

03. Gang aft agley — Chuck Welch
04. The Lester Dent Memorial Bridge: Spanning an 85-year Civic Legacy — Craig McDonald
12. A Reminiscent Review of Doc Savage Issues 9 & 10 — Ron Hill
16. Call it Another Lonely Day — Daryl Morrissey
24. The Real “Eighty-Sixth” Floor — Arthur R. Corradetti
34. Escape From Loki Turns 30 — Craig McDonald
39. The Doc Savage Media Rights Debacle — Will Murray
55. Two Madonnas and a Hellion (Part Three) — Malcolm Deeley

with art by Mark Counts, Tim Faurote, and Keith Wilson



Due to an Editor error the quote on page 7 is incorrect.

“It really helped that Bernard Dent
was one of the largest contributors.”

should be:

“It really helped that the Dent family
were large contributors.”

The error was discovered during the printing process and some copies of Issue 90 contain the correct quote.


The key was left out in the floorplan in The Real “Eighty-Sixth” Floor by Arthur R. Corradetti

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Click for larger image