Issue 81

Issue 81, Spring 2018, has been delivered to subscribers. You can back order the issue or get it with a subscription for 2018 subscribe for 2018.

Front Cover: Dan Brereton
“The State of the World of Bronze” by Chuck Welch
“Notes on a Doc Savage Illustration” by Dan Brereton
“The Stories Behind the Story” by David Avallone
“Reviewing the Ring of Fire” by Bobb Cotter
“The Girl Who Hated Doc Savage” by Dafydd Neal Dyar
“Doc Savage and the WEP” by Julián Paga
“Sons of Savage: Doc Caliban” by Art Sippo, MD
“Doc Has a Gun!” by Michael Ingalls
Back Cover: Tim Faurote imagines Doc and the Fatal Five in the style of James Bama

Issue 81 Order Info and Errata

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