Issue 82

Issue 82

Issue 82, Fall 2018, has been delivered to subscribers. You can back order the issue.


2. Chuck Welch
Bronze in Amber

4. Duane Spurlock
A Heart-Warming Savage Tale
Doc Savage, Bridegroom?!

9. Julián Puga
The Strange Case of the SS Domino
Lester Dent’s Nostradamus moment.

12. Ron Hill
Savage Sketchbook
Dropping the torn shirt is a start

18. Christopher Paul Carey
Through the Seventh Gate
Did PJF meet the Man of Bronze?

24. Howard Wright
Selling the Sizzle
Remembering artist Ron Wilber

32. Will Murray
Escape From Loki Revisited
“Escape from Loki was truly literary.”

36. Terry Allen
Doc Calls an Audible
The new audio adventures of Doc Savage

38. Will Murray
Calamity Averted
Is The Valley of Eternity
the last Doc Savage novel?

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