Issue 86

Issue 86
Issue 86

Issue 86, September 2020, has been delivered to subscribers. You can back order the issue

Cover by Ron Hill

03. The Big Pause
Chuck Welch

04. Surveying 1000+ Doc Drawings
Craig McDonald

14. Hobbits, Pure Baloney, & Doc
Ron Hill

18. The Skylark Man of Bronze
Daryl Morrissey

22. Doc Savage in the Eighties
Howard Wright

27. The Millennium Man of Bronze
Craig McDonald

30. My Summer Fling With Doc Savage
Tony Isabella

34. Queen of the Pulps
Robert John Jenson

38. A Man for the Century
Malcolm Deeley

43. The Not Too-Wise Plot
Julián Puga

49. PortMoBteaus
Tim Handley

Additional Interior Art
Kevin Dale Duncan, Ron Hill, Kez Wilson

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