Issue 87

Issue 87

Issue 87, December 2020, has been delivered to subscribers. You can back order the issue

Kez Wilson’s pastiche is courtesy of James Bama and Steve Holland

03. The 30-Year Itch – Chuck Welch
04. The Portrait, the Letter, and the Envelope – Terry Allen
08. Finding Arthur Kushner – Chuck Welch
12. The Challenge of Collecting Doc Savage Pulps – David W. Smith
22. Searching for Steve Holland – Michael Stradford
28. Exploring Doc Savage Fandom in the Pulp Era – Juliette Welch
35. PortMoBteaus Answers – Tim Handley, Art by Bobb Cotter
36. A Quick Look – Chuck Welch
40. Bobb Cotter Inside and Out – Howard Wright
50. Thanks Howard – Art by Tim Faurote

Back Cover by Tim Faurote

Additional Interior Art
Ken Newman, Jeff Fraker

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