Issue 90

Issue 90

Issue 90, March 2022, has been delivered to subscribers. You can back order the issue

03. Gang aft agley — Chuck Welch
04. The Lester Dent Memorial Bridge: Spanning an 85-year Civic Legacy — Craig McDonald
12. A Reminiscent Review of Doc Savage Issues 9 & 10 — Ron Hill
16. Call it Another Lonely Day — Daryl Morrissey
24. The Real “Eighty-Sixth” Floor — Arthur R. Corradetti
34. Escape From Loki Turns 30 — Craig McDonald
39. The Doc Savage Media Rights Debacle — Will Murray
55. Two Madonnas and a Hellion (Part Three) — Malcolm Deeley

with art by Mark Counts, Tim Faurote, and Keith Wilson

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