Issue 91

Issue 91 cover
Issue 91

03. In With the New and In With the Old
Chuck Welch

04. The Daily Adventures of Li’l Doc Savage
Ron Hill

06. Finding Doc Savage
Howard Wright

10. Exploring the “House Doc Savage Built”
Craig McDonald

17. Creating a Doc Savage Bronze Plaque
Tim Faurote

22. The Unrecorded Adventure of The Terror in Gudavia
Steve Donoso

28. It’s All One Case
Ian Baker

33. James Bama
1926 – 2022

34. “My Dear Moran”
Tom Barnett

42. How You Can Train Like Doc Savage
Alexandre LeVasseur

44. Who Scripted Doc Savage?
Will Murray

46. The Explorers Club/Explorers League Connections
Julián Puga

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